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In developing your business plan, you need to decide which structure your business should operate under for legal and tax purposes. Consult your attorney and tax preparer at the very beginning of the process. Sole-Proprietor Plan to report any business income on your personal 1040. Plan to
The key to saving money on your taxes is to think ahead and plan. And with the year-end fast approaching, this sage advice takes on added urgency.   During this SCORE Workshop, Micah Fraim, a CPA and author of the best-selling ebook, "The Big Little Small Business Book" will
I have my business idea, worked out the operations, and have funding; can I just start my business? NO! You need to form a company from which to run the business and in this blog we discuss the various forms of company legal organization. The primary options include: sole proprietorship, LLC, S
Join the Publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine (Ramon Ray) and serial entrepreneur and the "queen of startups", Nellie Akalp (founder of CorpNet) for a fun, engaging and information rich hour of all things "start and grow your business".   During this discussion, Nellie
Who is your company’s registered agent? Are you currently your own registered agent? Many entrepreneurs miss one of the most important steps in protecting their businesses: picking the right registered agent. Selecting the right registered agent will ensure your business is being handled
The Company Corporation talks to thousands of entrepreneurs a month.   Over and over our Customer Service team is asked the same questions:      Should I be a sole proprietor or form an LLC or corporation?  Are there advantages to forming my business in Delaware
Should You Hire a Registered Agent or Be Your Own? No matter where you’re starting your business, if you’re forming an LLC or corporation, you’re required to have a registered agent and a registered office. But this doesn’t mean you need to hire a registered agent service. A registered agent is simply a person or entity
Most businesses eventually choose to incorporate in some form or fashion. This can have a number of benefits, both from a legal and a tax standpoint. However, the type of corporate structure - that is, which form of corporate entity to utilize - is one of the single most important planning
The Fastest States to Form a Company In Sometimes speed matters. If that’s the case for you and your business, you’ll want to know how long it’s going to take the state to file and form your business entity once you’ve submitted your articles of incorporation. 
Which State Should You Incorporate In? Once you’ve made the decision to form your business as a corporation or LLC, you may find yourself asking a common question, “Which state should I incorporate in?” There are countless stories of people incorporating in different states for tax benefits and other reasons, but

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