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National Small Business Week was first celebrated in May 1963 to recognize the work of American small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s a fantastic celebration of innovation, collaboration and perseverance. But The UPS Store doesn’t think one week is enough. They created the #
Do you want to create your own business but need the security of your full-time job? Developing a company while still employed is not only possible but actually offers several benefits. You can try entrepreneurship on a part-time basis while saving money for your business. The key to starting the
Did visiting your local shops and restaurants on Small Business Saturday inspire you to start your entrepreneurship journey? It’s hard to resist the excitement of a bustling small business! Our new infographic, “Successful Startups: Why We Need ‘Em -- And How You Can Be One!
Are you unhappy with your job? Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Don’t just quit! You need to create a plan to fire your boss--first. In today’s business environment, small business owners have even less time to hit it big with their target customer. The key to success is
For small business owners, there are two different categories of time – clock time and real time. Sometimes it feels like there is not enough real time to get things done and effectively manage a business. The truth is for small business owners, time is irrelevant.  It’s all
Guía para Muestras y Plantillas de Planes de Negocio ¿Iniciando o expandiendo un negocio? ¿Está buscando préstamos para pequeñas empresas, capital de riesgo, inversores u otro apoyo financiero? Entonces usted necesita un plan de negocios, así de simple. Cada emprendimiento exitoso comienza con un plan de
Through hard work, creativity and collaboration, small business owners and entrepreneurs contribute to our local communities and economies every day.  They play a crucial role in our society and deserve to be recognized for their dedication and success.  In celebration of National
Simple Steps for Starting or Growing Your Business Workbooks Learn the fundamentals of starting or growing a business with our free Simple Steps workbooks.
This free online business workshop will help you identify your company's target market by demographic, psychographic, behavioristic profiles as well as addressing other market segmentation techniques. Apply these strategies to your business or business idea with the worksheets provided in the
This free online workshop will help you learn tools that will enable you to promote your business more effectively through grassroots marketing, public relations, promotions, trade shows, and word-of-mouth techniques. In this course we'll also examine the marketing campaigns of

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