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SCORE is proud to partner with Verisign to offer this free, half-day online training event for small business owners. Power Up Your Small Business with training on starting, marketing, and funding your business. Attend several featured education sessions presented by small business
Steps for Successful SEO for Startups There’s a lot of confusion surrounding search engine optimization (SEO). First, the “rules” (many set by Google) seem to be constantly changing. What works one month to send your organic rankings on the search engine soaring, can cause you to lose ranking the following month.
Template: Tri-Fold Brochure Do you want a tri-fold brochure for your small business but can’t afford a graphic designer? Make one yourself! We’ve created two different brochure templates ready for your text and photos.
List of Startup Resources Are you planning to launch a business? The following resources, including websites, publications and associations, will help you get off to a good start.
Infographic: How Can Technology Help My Small Business? Technology is always changing. New tools seem to appear every week, making it difficult to determine what tech is best for your small business. Download our infographic for the most popular and effective business technology solutions.
Best Practices for Starting a Global Business Do you want to start a business that will sell products internationally? There's never been a better time to do so. Thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to market to customers around the world. 
How Networking Can Help You Get Your Startup off the Ground You may think of business networking as something you'll do after your business is successful. But in reality, networking during the planning and startup phase of your business can make launching your company much easier.
What Your Startup Needs to Know about Cybersecurity According to a new report by Hewlett Packard and the Ponemon Institute of Cyber Crime, hacking attacks cost the average American firm $15.4 million annually, twice the global average of $7.7 million. Too many small businesses assume their companies are too small to be attacked—too
Questions to Ask Before Signing a Commercial Lease Whether you’re moving your business out of your home or the office space you’ve been working in is too small for your growing company’s needs, the prospect of looking for commercial space can be overwhelming. You can’t be too careful when signing a lease for space.
Tax Deductions for Your Startup Did you start a new business in 2015 or are you planning on starting one next year? Even if all you did this year was some preliminary legwork for starting a new business next year, you may be able to claim some of the expenses on your tax forms.

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