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Recently, Google updated its algorithms to favor websites that look and perform better on mobile devices, making them appear higher on search results. If you find this disconcerting, Google may actually be doing you a favor by forcing you to implement a mobile website. The reality is that today
SCORE is proud to partner with Verisign to offer this free, half-day online training event for small business owners. Power Up Your Small Business with training on starting, marketing, and funding your business. Attend several featured education sessions presented by small business
If you’re starting a new business, you can quickly get caught up in developing the visual aspects of your concepts. Branding and having a web presence are important (and exciting!), and there are thousands of designers out there who have created beautiful products for their clients. But
No one can promise you a #1 position in the “organic” (non-paid) listings for local businesses on Google or other search engines.  If someone does – run the other way.  You can study your competitors that have climbed to the top of the search return pages, learn
Every business website should have a “contact us” form that site visitors can fill in to make an appointment, request an estimate, jump on a free offer and otherwise turn into leads.  You may think the little stack of boxes with the “Submit” button at the end is, well
What’s Best for Business - Social Media or Website? What is the best option for small businesses looking to build an online presence?
Websites for professional services firms are different than those in ecommerce or retail.  Your website is more like a suit than a factory.  You need to look up-to-date, professional and confident. Don’t worry about making your website refresh more complicated than necessary.
Did you ever stop to think about your secret customer service agent—the customer service representative you may not even know you have? I'm talking, of course, about your business’s website. (You do have one, don’t you?) These days, your business website is your front
Small business owners are bombarded every day with marketing messages touting the "latest and greatest" tools they should use to market & grow their businesses. Filtering those messages to know what's real versus what's sales-speak & hype is burdensome; much more so, the
Although a website is an anchor for many companies to conduct business online, it’s not the only way for prospective customers to discover your company and make a buying-decisions. In fact, in many cases, your website may be the last place where people first find your company. Social

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